Resolve your legal disputes with us at RK Associates Legal Consultants. We provide commercial litigation advice to promise a solution for all your legal disagreements.

Most Renowned Arbitration Experts in UAE

Hire our top arbitration experts in UAE to get assistance in dealing with all types of disputes.

Our team of professionally-trained arbitration specialists is experts at representing clients in the arbitrations that were submitted by us. We hold a special calibre in incorporating our expertise and skills when it comes to arbitrating any kind of disputes either under multilateral, bilateral agreements or under international law.

Get Complete Guidance with the Arbitration Process

We offer professional advice to clients for the entire arbitration process to help our clients in picking the right arbitrators, witnesses and to assist them in evaluating the case facts. Our team also helps in the drafting of arbitration clauses and contracts to make the agreements stronger. Not only this, our experts are always by your side throughout the arbitration process to represent and guide you in every step.

Most Prominent Commercial Arbitration Law Firm in Dubai

Being an expert and most renowned firm dealing with cases related to commercial arbitration law over the years, we now hold special expertise on both the domestic and international levels. Our diverse team of commercial arbitration lawyers is experts at handling both international and domestic arbitrations in the domain of oil and gas supply contracts, Construction & Real Estate Aviation, service contracts, joint ventures, investment, infrastructure, and construction.

Hire Best Commercial Arbitration Lawyers in Dubai

Our dedicated specialists engaged in arbitration work in sync to advise our clients on various aspects of arbitration that run inclusive of drafting resolution clauses related to complex disputes, resolving disputes irrespective of how complex they are, and aiding our clients with assets location along with arbitral awards enforcement.

International Arbitration Lawyers in Dubai Experts at Handling Complex Arbitration Cases

The top international arbitration lawyers that we are equipped with within our team have a good reputation for holding pioneering expertise in complex and the most important investment and commercial disputes. We believe in providing services similar to that of a multinational law firm while also keeping up with a boutique-sized arbitration practice spearheaded by our dedicated lawyers to make sure that our arbitrations are of premium standard. Book Top Arbitration Lawyers in Dubai

We are always credited for being the most reliable arbitration law firm in UAE, given our team of experienced and specialised arbitration attorneys who can handle both domestic and international arbitration laws.

Quick and Efficient Commercial Dispute Resolution in Dubai

You can trust our commercial dispute resolution services during occurrences of commercial disputes. Our team of commercial dispute resolution experts has garnered an immense population in the field of resolving disputes related to corporate and commercial. All our services are exclusively tailored and immensely responsive to the client's needs and the type of dispute as well.

We can deal with all types of high-value and complex disputes at a competitive cost. Despite the nature of the dispute, we always aim at achieving practical results that you approve with genuine commercial benefits.

Get Quick Dispute Resolution with International Arbitration Lawyer UAE

Thanks to the emerging craze revolving around arbitration because of how reliably people can channel their dispute resolution through it, our team has made a group of the city’s most reputed group of international arbitration lawyers. Our lawyers start offering support even before the arbitration process starts. For the process involving the creation of contracts, we help our clients to determine whether arbitration is the best mechanism for dispute resolution.

Expert Representation by Arbitration Lawyers in UAE

Through the process of arbitration, we offer support to our clients in handling complex cases without even turning to conventional litigation. You can now get your cases resolved both quickly and efficiently and also without having to deal with the elaborate and tiresome court procedures with our specialist practitioners.